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Looking for competitive and creative marching band drill and visual design? How about award winning Custom Arrangements and Original Field Show Music?
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My name is Chris Keniley, and as a music arranger, composer, drill writer and visual technician I strive to place your band program and students in the best possible situation to succeed on and off the field. I work hard to make sure each field show design, visual, drill and music are consistent with your vision and goals. Each show is personally designed keeping your marching program in mind. 

Here are some of the services offered here at CKM Marching Services

Drill and Visual Design

Using the Latest Pyware 3D technology, experience your vision come to life with 3D modeling (no more triangles!).  Each Drill Design is unique and custom to work with your marching ensemble. 

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Original Field Shows

Have a theme? Let CK Marching Services write the music!  We also have a growing library of Original shows commissioned for award winning ensembles.  

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Custom Arrangement's

Classical,  Jazz, Rock,  you name it!  CK Marching Services has experience arranging custom shows for award winning ensembles. 


Need someone to teach and clean drill, or work with your band on marching basic techniques?   How about  rehearsing music ensembles and teaching custom/original music?   With over 20 years of experience including DCI and BOA,  CK Marching Services has the ability to improve any marching program. 

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