What to Expect from CKM Visual and Marching Band Design

Expect the personal touch when working with CK Marching Services.  You don't just gain a drill writer, but a partner that can assist with all aspects of your band program(s).  Drill, visual, music writing, arrangements, choreography, consultation, even fixing other writers drill are services provided here at CK Marching Solutions.  From one director to another,  I understand how important it is for each individual student to succeed, and to be set up to be successful. 

+Award Winning marching band drill for any size marching band, indoor guard and percussion. 

+Award winning arrangements and originals for winds, horns, and percussion.

+Every show is written by CK Marching Services owner Chris Keniley. 

+Teachable, understandable, cleanable drill and visual. 

+Over 20 years of marching band experience including state, DCI, Sound Sport, BOA and more. 

+Over 20 years working writing and working with marching bands all across the US.

+Guard, percussion, and props  are fully integrated.

+AFFORDABLE prices and options. 

+All drill are designed with Pyware 3D, allowing a real 3 dimension look of the show.

+On-going consultation, assistance, and troubleshooting throughout marching season

+Horn Line, Percussion and Guard Visuals & Choreography also available. 

Contact CK Marching Services today for help with your next or current marching season.